11 March 2007

Spring is definitely on its way here in the valley.  The curlews are calling and we have large flocks of oyster catchers around the Tarn.  The evenings now offer one of the miracles of nature as immense flocks of starlings  imitate billowing smoke  across the landscape.  These birds are alleged to be becoming rare but this spring is giving us one of the best displays I can ever remember.

We were planning to stock the Tarn yesterday but owing to a breakdown on the delivery truck this will now be done next Saturday.  Still plenty of time for the fish to acclimatise to life in the wild before fishing starts on 1 April.  The hut door is now finished and we have also replaced the door to the boathouse so members will no longer need the physique of Charles Atlas to get in.

The new boat oars should be with me by Tuesday again in good time for the new season.  They need adapting to fit the captive rowlocks but this has already been arranged.

Up at Nanny Carr's we should have the bulk of the fence erected by the end of Wednesday.  Again on Wednesday I an meeting the farmer who owns the bank opposite where we are working with the aim of seeking his approval to close the existing wall gap to make the new buffer area completely stock proof.  It's now a race to get all the trees planted before the end of the month and the job finished and signed off. 
The YDMT are visiting the site on 28 March to see how we have got on and arrange for the payment of the grant that they so generously offered to us.  Getting this money into the club's bank account will be a relief and a recognition of a successful first phase of the project.  We can then concentrate on longer term monitoring of the site to assess just how well the work contributes to the improvement of habitat here and the lifting of trout stocks.

Look out for a further update on Wednesday.


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