4 March 2007

Just back from the working party at the Tarn and just in time to miss some really appalling weather that's sweeping up the valley.  It's now raining hard driven on by a fierce southerly gale and, surprisingly, given the wind direction, it's freezing cold.  Still, we had a very successful stint this morning with a large group of enthusiastic members and got the hut ready for the new season.  There is now a new door to the hut which slides at the touch of a finger, the boat is clean and the seats varnished, the accumulated goose crap has been removed from the boathouse and all is clean and tidy.  The hut door just needs a few finishing touches to make it completely weather resistant and the next job is to replace the boathouse door which has bowed almost as badly as the hut door.  Michael and I will tackle that before the beginning of April.

Friday saw a fairly good gathering at the MAA AGM.  Business was conducted quickly, the fantastic buffet was consumed and we then had an inspiring presentation from Alan M about fishing in the remoter parts of Scotland and the Western Isles.  The places he showed us looked idyllic.  You really don't need to go abroad to find some truly wild and unspoilt landscapes.  But the midges could be a problem.

The fencing project continues to go well.  We are now across Cam Beck and working up the difficult ground towards the stepping stones.  The land here is really evil and seems to be composed of clay with boulders that makes driving in posts a real challenge.  The students are coping with this really well despite its frustrations.  Hopefully we should have the wire up all the way to the finish of this poor ground by the end of this coming Wednesday and can then finish the project off by running the fence up the next pasture which seems to be on better ground.  The trees should arrive this week so I can amuse myself by planting up the areas we have already fenced.

Not long now before the river season opens on 15 March and it will be interesting to see how well the early season fishing is after this mild winter and such a hot dry summer.  There looks to be a good few fish about but time will tell.


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