27 July 2006

    I met the club's oldest fishing member and his friend Ron up by the Tarn yesterday.  We spent a happy half hour putting the world to rights and discussing this and that.  Roy related to me the strange tale of his pipe.  Some good few years ago he was fishing the Tarn one October by the far cross wall when he dropped his pipe into the water.  Despite searching all round the bed he found no trace of it.  The following season he happened to be casting near the same spot, looked down and there was his pipe lying on the gravel bed.  After a clean up it was good as new.

I had a thorough check of the Tarn yesterday to see how Tuesday's stockies had settled in.  No sign of them apart from one fish floating belly up just out from the boathouse (no certainty that this is one of the new fish) so I trust that they will be fine.

I took the president to the Hatchery site yesterday evening.  He seemed favourably impressed and is keen to do some judicious pruning along the river today to improve the fishing on some of the lower sea trout pools.  He should have a good day for it.  It's not too hot, there is good cloud cover and little breeze.


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