26 July 2006

    Well, the deed is done.  We put into the Tarn yesterday 200 of the finest rainbow trout I have ever seen.  These were stunning fish; iridescent, plump, lively, no ragged fins and in superb condition.  The water temperature was very much on the warm side but after spending half an hour equalising the temperatures of the water in the tank and the Tarn all fish swam off well when introduced. 

The Tuesday boys arrived just as we were leaving Tarn pasture and a conversation with them later in the day revealed that they saw no fish all afternoon (they did get a 4inch tiddler down at the marker pool in the morning that was safely returned).  So I suspect that our stockies headed for deep water and took the residents with them.  I will go up to the |Tarn this morning & check on progress.

It's a funny sort of morning, cloudy but bright and warm with a mist down over the hills.  There is absolutely no breeze and not much sign of rain, but who knows?


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