25 July 2006

    It's always a great pleasure when members stop by at Newhouses for a chat and yesterday was one of those occasions.  David Marsden who has been involved with the club virtually all his life paid a visit with his wife and we spent the morning discussing everything from tanning to the history of the MAA.  Not only extremely pleasurable but also highly enlightening.

He left with me a pamphlet written and published in 1879 by Able Heywood the club's inspiration and first secretary which includes the substance of an address read by him at the conclusion of the Association's first year.  It describes in detail the rapid growth of the MAA and sets out the underpinning philosophy of active participation by all members in the Association's affairs.  He puts forward two proposals for investing the clubs growing funds. Firstly the acquisition of fishing waters and secondly the establishment of a library.  Sadly the library was sold some years ago but all current members benefit greatly from the first since we probably enjoy some of the most extensive privately owned waters in Yorkshire.  Raise a glass to Able Heywood and his six founding partners next time you fish at Horton.

I have made an executive decision and will go ahead with the re-stocking of the Tarn today.  I had a long discussion with the supplier yesterday and we concluded that, in balance, it is a risk worth taking.  The forecast is for rain later this week and already it's starting to cloud over here.  If we defer then there is no guarantee that conditions will be ideal  in August.  Presently the water looks good.  It's a bit warm at the surface but cool enough at depth and the pH is tolerable.  The most significant plus is that despite all this hot weather there is still no sign of an algae problem.


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