2 November 2017

That’s the end of another fishing season and one during which i have failed miserably to keep up to date with this blog.  Hopefully next year I should do a bit better because the archiving project that’s taken an extraordinary amount of my time over the past two years comes to an end in March thank God.

Its been a pretty good season.  Lots of fine healthy trout in the river, possibly the best ever season for salmon catches and a swan back on the Tarn.

Thanks to the efforts of Council we now have equipment to tackle excessive weed growth in the Tarn and a lot of new stiles have been built along the river up to Horton.

We also welcomed a number of new and enthusiastic members with more lined up for next season.  The Guardian and Yorkshire Post both ran articles about our success in re-wilding the river, helping to encourage natural recruitment of brown trout.

It would be nice to have a calm, cold winter to encourage spawning and kill off some of the Tarn weed.  We shall see.


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