15 September 2017

Those of you with access to the Tarn webcams may have noticed that a swan has returned to the Tarn.  Its been almost 18 months since we lost the last pair and the water has seemed strange without a resident cygnus.  I well remember my first sight of the tranquil bowl of Newhouses Tarn when we arrived here from the south almost 20 years ago and I thought how wonderful it was to see the water set off by two majestic and serene swans.

I very much hope that our new arrival decides to stay and finds his or her self a mate.

It looks although we are in for a drier spell over the next few days so salmon fishing will be more of a challenge.  Still, its not been a bad season so far with over 12 catches to date that I know of so the tally is likely to be quite a bit higher.


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