24 August 2017

It rained a lot last night and by early this morning the river was in flood.  Consequently all the timber resulting from the removal of the tree under New Inn bridge has now been washed away.

Great water today for salmon fishing and if the river continues to fall overnight there should be some wonderful trout fishing tomorrow.

We are aware of the return of cormorants to the Tarn and plans are afoot to try to deter these predators from fishing.

Watch out as you cross Newhouses ford.  The cobbles are being lifted, raised and relaid in sections which leaves a ridge at the leading edge of the replaced section.


One thought on “24 August 2017

  1. Speaking of cormorants,while enjoying the sun, and a sandwich,on Saturday, sitting on the bank just below the bottom footbridge at Studfold, a cormorant emerged from under water in the middle of the river. By the look of it on a downstream sweep. It is the first time I have seen one actually in the river.

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