22 July 2017

A wet night and even wetter morning until lunchtime lifted the river to the extent that it was running strongly under the west arch at New Inn.  Consequently there should be some decent fishing for a time tomorrow although the best conditions are probably right now.

I have been away from this keyboard for several days helping Sheila prepare an exhibition on the history of Horton school.  The village school closed yesterday for the last time bringing to an end nearly 600 years of continuous education provision at Horton.  The earliest reference to a school here that we have found is dated 1523, a will leaving money to “our ladies school at Horton”. Until 1876 the school was a free grammar converting in that year to an elementary which it has remained until yesterday.

The MAA in the early 20th C organised sports events and awarded prizes for the children.  Times change, families are smaller, village populations age and small village primaries with their wonderfully happy and nurturing cultures become untenable.  Very sad.


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