8 July 2017

This morning I put 100 rainbows into the top end of the Tarn.  They should hopefully lift the catch returns a bit.

When we arrived with the fish a large flock of duck took off in a flurry of wings and much complaining about being disturbed.

The recent wet weather is a bit of a pain, but it is keeping both the river and the Tarn in decent water.  The Tarn is still crystal clear with no sign whatsoever of algae or the filament weed that has made fishing so difficult this past couple of years.  Taking a lot of rooted weed out has certainly made casting easier, but I am beginning to wonder whether the resident fish have migrated to the weed bed at the top of the Tarn.  Recent fishing returns have been much lower than my calculation of remaining fish suggests they should be.  Let’s see what difference this stocking makes.


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