1 July 2017

I suppose the only positive one can take from this persistent wet weather is the fact that the river remains fishable on most pools and runs and the water is cool enough to suit our wild brown trout.  Apart from that it’s pretty miserable.  As I write this we sit in a spell of heavy mizzle.  Not really rain, but wet enough to soak through a sweater in no time at all.

I was out this afternoon when an esteemed member called by seeking urgent medical attention for a tooth broken on a vicious apple.  This set me thinking that we do not have much information available to members who may suffer accident or become unwell whilst on the river or at the Tarn.  Given that the average age of Association members must be over 60 there is perhaps more chance of a need for medical attention than for a group of 20 year old’s.  Having said that, in my 16 years as keeper I have known few occasions when members have been taken ill at Horton.  However,  I’ll give the matter some thought over the next few days and discuss it with Council.


One thought on “1 July 2017

  1. Hi Ian
    A belated email to thank Sheila for her help on Saturday. She was great ! A and E put me on the road, have now seen dentist (very expensive) .
    Loved your Blog. I wish I knew what esteemed means !

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