19 June 2017

When we eventually get rain and members venture to the river those that fish by the pipe pool will notice that a weather station has been erected just up stream.  his is part of the data logging equipment that’s recording water and ambient temperatures as part of the programme to better understand how best to reduce water temperature in high summer.  It’s best left alone.

The Tarn was stunning in early morning sunlight yesterday.  For once my early morning foray to the Tarn found a member busy tempting trout to breakfast.  He must have arisen at the crack of dawn and his excuse was that it was Fathers’ Day.

The Tarn is not fishing badly despite the strong sunlight and high temperatures.  The water has not yet reached tepid so the trout are still surface feeding early morning and late evening.  The water is as clear as crystal and it took no time at all for the turbidity stirred up by the weed removal to drop out.

There is just a chance of rain later in the week ‘though probably not enough to bring the river to good fishing condition.


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