1 June 2017

A prolonged shower last evening has kept the river in reasonable nick so there should be decent fishing tomorrow.  I learn that yesterday morning fish were rising to fly all along the river below Horton.

Members who have fished the Tarn since the weed was reduced report that the work has resulted in much improved fishing with fish taking damsel fly nymph and feeding voraciously.  It would seem that stirring things up a bit has given the resident rainbows and browns a shot in the arm (fin).

I reported a while ago on a project to determine the impact of warm water on the health and recruitment of brown trout.  The aim is to find evidence based methods to reduce water temperature.  In the next few weeks several data loggers will be installed along the river to measure a number of metrics including weather and water temperature.  The main station will be on the outside of the bend just above the pipe pool.  This will not interfere with fishing, but it’s best given a bit of room if you are fishing off that bank.


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