28 May 2017

Playing catch-up with the blog after a ridiculously busy week – sorry.

On Tuesday and Wednesday contractors removed several tons of weed from the lower end of the Tarn.  This is presently piled up on the far bank down by the wildlife area and will be removed soon.

close to a hundred palmate and common newts were liberated from the weed as it came out  and every fork full teemed with gammarus, alder fly and beetles.  There is nothing wrong with the quantity and quality of food for fish in the Tarn.  Fish went into a feeding frenzy as the fly life was liberated.

So now much of the lower end of the Tarn has significantly reduced weed cover whilst the upper end by the lodge remains untouched.  This should provide a decent balance between maintaining the health of the Tarn and providing easier fishing.

It rained a lot yesterday and with more rain promised for tomorrow the river should offer some decent fishing early in the week, but do be aware that Newhouses lane will be closed to traffic on 5 and 6 June whilst major resurfacing work takes place.  Some access will be permitted, but there will be major delays travelling to and from the Tarn.



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