18 May 2017

The river continues in rather good form with decent water still flowing at Horton.  We are promised further rain tomorrow so conditions should remain good into the weekend.  However, those of you planning a trip to Horton should be aware that there is the mother of all sponsored walks setting up on the football field and already New Inn flats resembles closely a refugee camp with row upon row of identical tents.  I’ll keep a close eye on our assets at the garden pool  this weekend because I have some misgivings about this lot.  There are multi coloured floodlights on the river bank and a sound system to make Iron Maiden jealous.  Nice.

Now for the important bit, as I forecast last week the Tarn will be closed for fishing on 23 and 24 May whilst contractors remove some of the weed burden at the top end of the Tarn.  Hopefully they will avoid contracting plague this time and arrive to do the job.

Whilst on the subject of the Tarn it’s good to see the water level almost back to average levels and a flow exiting from the duck wall.  This will help to clear any turbidity kicked up by the weed and silt removal.

All members should by now have received an email from Claire about the closure so my warning is for those who are not tied to their communication devices.


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