10 May 2017

Firstly a gentle reminder that the Tarn will be closed for fishing tomorrow and Friday whilst expert contractors tackle the excessive weed that’s clogging the upper reaches of the Tarn.  This will be a great opportunity to make a further check for elusive crayfish.  If none are present in the weed that’s removed then we can conclude with certainty that the entire population has vanished.  If so then plans for re-introduction may be set in train.

As a break from my own burblings I thought that you might like to see thee comments from And R that reached me today.  I’m not the only one doing a rain dance!

Please can you arrange for some RAIN!!!! things are getting desperate… I’m getting forced away from the river, before long I’ll have to bring my own water! Fingers crossed…. let’s hope that the forecast for rain over the weekend and early next week is correct.  And I’ll be back catching those stunning wild trout of the upper Ribble. On the plus side… my challenge to fish North Country Spider’s or Dry Fly only for a full season (I’ve banned all my favourite tungsten bead heads for 1 season) is going okay… yes I have certainly missed the tungsten, and I would have possibly caught a few more.  However, it has to be said that in fishing the traditional upstream spider style/ method, so far this has been highly enjoyable.  I have also been messing around at the vice, tying up a new cdc spinner pattern for the summer evenings that are approaching rapidly..  this pattern will be fished full dry or allowed to sink under it’s own weight.. tied on a size16 curved buzzer type hook.. Fingers crossed…. it will take a few?


Andy R

Also included are a couple of images of Andy’s beautiful flies.


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