8 May 2017

We have been plagued by a howling north-easterly gale for most of the day that has whipped the Tarn to fairly sizeable waves and trapped the kite in the wall.  I freed the kite from the fence yesterday and replaced one of the tension wires that had been sprung out by the last gale.  I’ll liberate it again tomorrow morning.

The Tarn fished quite poorly last week.  Even the master anglers’ found conditions challenging.  I suspect that this is because of the high wind and bright conditions rather than an absence of fish.  However, stocking on 13 May will not be too soon.

There should certainly be some good feeding for these new fish following the weed removal on Thursday and possibly Friday.  Do please remember that the Tarn will be closed to all on those two days.

Returning to the weather finally, we are promised a few days of calmer conditions from tomorrow.  Let’s see what arrives.


One thought on “8 May 2017

  1. Please can we have some RAIN!!…

    As a one trick (river fishing) pony… things are desperate!

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