4 May 2017

Greetings from the Gobi desert where rain has still not fallen and the strong east wind is desiccating everything

If the weather was not proof enough of the imminent arrival of summer then the arrival of the cows at Tarn pasture from winter quarters at Newhouses should convince even sceptics.

I saw a report the other day prepared for a forthcoming meeting that suggested the origin of very large brown trout caught on mid-Ribble waters could be Newhouses Tarn. ┬áThe author clearly has no knowledge of the Tarn because for trout to enter the river from this still water they would first need to climb the duck wall and drop into the outflow channel on the other side, then evolve rapidly to grow legs to enable them to exit the swamp to which the Tarn drains and walk several meters to the river. ┬áHaving accomplished this stunning feat of evolution they would then need to lose those legs in short order before making their way down to the Lancashire bit of the Ribble that we don’t talk about. Fat chance.


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