22 April 2017

Its been a much better day without the persistent north-west wind that’s made life outdoors less than enjoyable this past week.The Tarn has looked stunning in the sunshine with just a ripple on the water surface. ┬áJust a shame that there are so few waterfowl present although the large flock of oystercatchers comes and goes giving a sense of life to the place.

Those of you who take Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine will see the first of a series of articles penned by an MAA member.  The first one in the current issue is well worth a read for those new Association members wishing to learn what killer fly to use on this most challenging of trout waters.


One thought on “22 April 2017

  1. And what an excellent article in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying it is too, Ian. After reading it, I will certainly be gracing the banks of our river far more this season, and with far more confidence after reading all that information. Let’s hope our esteemed author doesn’t regret passing on such instructive and comprehensive advice: though I’m sure he won’t.

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