29 March 2017

As I predicted yesterday the weather has turned wet today with increasingly prolonged showers through the afternoon.  It seems to be brightening although tomorrow is forecast wet also. The river is now in good nick with decent water and not too much colour.

It’s also fish quite well as evidenced by an email I received from an enthusiastic member who fished last week:

Hi Ian, It’s a start.. the bigger of the fish measured 16″.. A touch thin as expected, due to the time of year. Caught on classic North Country Spider’s…… “Fished Upstream”…. as 99.99% of river fly fishing should be done. A few large dark olives tried to make an appearance, but the weather just wasn’t correct for this fly. After all they are known as a foul weather fly.? Rain, Dull and overcast skies are the required conditions. Ideally with a light upstream wind for us anglers, stopping the flies getting through and off the surface quickly. Also the bed of the river is absolutely studded with caddis case’s… there seems to be far more this spring, Compared to last year?
Andy also sent me a couple of photos so here is one of them just to whet your appetite:
A very nice early season brownie.

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