28 March 2017

Those of you who regularly log on to the webcams at the Tarn will have seen today turn wet towards evening.  More rain is forecast for the next few days bringing to an end this spell of warm, dry weather.  The upside is increased water in the river and better fishing conditions.

I’m not usually a fan of Channel 5 and its tendency to cater for the viewing tastes of the lowest common denominator.  However, a series that began last Tuesday is well worth a watch.  Wild Yorkshire records a year in both the Dales and Moors national parks and PBA was involved in the making of one of the programmes in the series.  Look out next week for a sequence filmed at a waterfall not far from here where salmon are seen making their way up to Horton.  There should also be a short sequence about native crayfish.

I now have six rook nests in the sycamore two of which appear to be a semi-detached job housing four rooks, presumably close relatives.  The timber has stopped falling from building activities so I raked up the stuff lying on the ground.  I have a heap about three feet high and roughly the same across.  Enough to build two more nests.  Rook pie anyone?



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