25 March 2017

Spring has arrived at last here in the valley.  The curlew are calling, lambs are leaping and we have a glorious blue sky.  It has seemed like a long winter and I suppose that it’s still too early to celebrate its passing.  I recall a few years ago a wicked cold snap in April that gave us two feet of snow and killed hundreds of new born lambs.

The weather has brought out intrepid river fishermen and one hardy soul is as I write this trying his luck with cold trout.

Council have very kindly agreed to allow me to try to drown the PBA team at the Tarn on Wednesday.  We need to renew our water rescue certificates so will, for a brief while between 10.30 and about 13.30 on Wednesday, be close to the lodge effecting rescue from deep water.  This should not inconvenience members who wish to fish because the Tarn below the lodge will be free from disturbance.


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