21 March 2017

Its been a mostly better day today although we have been pebble dashed by regular heavy showers of hail. The river looks in very good condition with plenty of clear water flowing under both arches at New Inn bridge.  The cold wind will keep most fly life off the river so no sign yet of fish rising.  I stood by the Garden pool this lunchtime until driven back into the car by hail and saw no fish moving, but that does not suggest that they are not there.

There was much discussion at the AGM about excessive weed growth in the Tarn and it was agreed that efforts would be made this season to ensure that this was kept under control.  The task is a whole lot easier now with the lethal weed cutter, but it does require at least four people to manage the job (two in the boat and two on the bank shouting encouragement – sorry, that should be raking weed).  David is compiling a list of able-bodied volunteers who will be willing to help out on working parties so members who wish to volunteer for such service should let me know.

The aim is to clear fishing corridors so that a line can be got down to brown trout lurking in the deeps.  It’s not to completely clear the Tarn of weed.  The stuff provides oxygen and cover for fish.  In future there should be good fishing off the margins of the cleared areas.


One thought on “21 March 2017

  1. Hi Ian. please contact me for any working parties.

    We are on holiday for a week from 7th April for 1 week.

    Kind regards, Graham Fox.

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