19 March 2017

We awoke this morning to a flood of biblical proportions following a night of rain falling on saturated ground.  The river is in full spate and the meadows below Newhouses are submerged so that it’s difficult to tell where the river is apart from the foaming torrent that seems to mark its course.  It’s still raining hard so conditions will remain bad for some time.  Indeed, we shall probably be trapped here for some hours because the ford is around 3 feet deep.

I took along to the AGM the updated Association history and manuscript books that Jean Marsden has been working on over the winter.  When (if) the weather improves I’ll put these fascinating folders in the lodge once more so that new members can browse when either the fish are not cooperating or the weather makes the lodge a more attractive place to be.

I was contacted a few days ago by the Ribble Trust who are facilitating a meeting with scientist from Birmingham Uni. exploring ways to reduce water temperature on the upper Ribble.  The main aim is to improve conditions for salmonids and further encourage the recruitment of fish.  Anything that contributes to the trout holding capacity of the river is well worth considering so we look forward to that meeting with keen interest.

On that theme, returning members will notice that much has changed at Far Moor just opposite the Tarn on the far bank of the river.  This whole area has been planted with native trees that will not only provide good shelter and shading on the river, but also consolidate the unstable bank and prevent further slippage.


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