18 March 2017

A really good day for the MAA today.  Started at 9.30 by meeting a prospective new member, braving the monsoon like showers to show him a bit of the fishery and the Tarn.  Then on to one of the best AGMs for several years.  Lots of new faces and several old (some very old) ones.  Finally, the webcams are back on line and the weather station should be back up on Tuesday.

Neil Handy was at the AGM and brought along the award and trophy he won with our support for re-wilding the upper Ribble. Wonderful that someone who has devoted most of his working life to the benefit of the river and our enjoyment of it has got some tangible recognition.

It was a truly appalling night.  Strong wind and torrential rain that put 3 feet of water on Newhouses ford and 2 feet on the lane by the garden pool.  We went to Settle at about 7.30 to celebrate our wedding anniversary and ploughed through flood all the way to the top of Sherwood Brow.  The flood had receded a bit by 10.30, but it was still a fairly hairy drive back.

The season is now truly underway so more tomorrow.



One thought on “18 March 2017

  1. Ian
    really look forward to your daily blog. regrettably missed the AGM which i hope went well by the looks of things.

    its great to see your daily reports and keep up with events no matter how small.


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