14 March 2017

After over 10 years writing this blog on a daily basis I thought that I deserved a break over the winter whilst the fishery was closed.  With the new season commencing tomorrow it’s time to relaunch these daily burblings on an undeserving public.

Compared to last winter this one just gone has been truly unremarkable.  We have had just minor floods, almost no snow, very little frost and few storms.  Consequently the fishery is in very good shape and our trout have had an uneventful breeding season.

The Tarn has looked pretty dead most of the winter.  However, over the past few weeks more and more waterfowl have been arriving and last Saturday there were at least two dozen oyster catchers on and around the Tarn.  They were accompanied by several mallard and what at a distance looked like goldeneye. Still no swans though.

We stocked the Tarn last Saturday with some beautiful fat rainbows and some equally fine brown trout.

Neil is hard at work replacing the electronics at the lodge so the cameras and weather station should be back on line before too long.  Neil is also rebuilding the main MAA website and incorporating into this a password protected members area that will replace Angli Vespers.

I look forward to seeing old friends and new members at the AGM on Saturday and shall carry on with these postings tomorrow.


One thought on “14 March 2017

  1. Thanks for the update, Ian. So looking forward to the new season, your admirable observations and also the new live views of our Tarn.

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