4 January 2016

Well, a new year is upon us with a short run up to the start of the new season on 15 March.  This will be the 138th from the founding of the Association and about 134th from the arrival of the MAA at Horton.

I saw a trailer last night  for a forthcoming drama on ITV entitled “Jericho” which seems to be about the building of the Ribblehead viaduct and I am wondering if the producers have included scenes of the navvies extreme fishing methods on the adjacent Ribble.  I doubt it as I have not been contacted for information.

Talking of said Ribble, it’s in good water this morning and hasn’t been in flood for a few days which is quite remarkable this winter.  I’m off shortly to have another check on damage below Horton.  The most noticeable change so far is he scouring of the pipe pool bend.  The big gravel deposits do move around quite a lot in the average winter, but this year it looks as though an army of navvies have been busy shifting the bed around.

I have just ordered a large bundle of willow stakes to bang into the banks at various locations to provide increased cover for fish.  These should be with me after the harvest in mid February and weather permitting I’ll get them all in by the start of the new season.

The Tarn is looking really good.  Crystal clear water this morning and an outflow that’s thundering down towards the river.  I’m guessing that the cormorants have been given a notice to quit in the past few days as none were in evidence this morning and there are signs in the lodge of some encouragement having been necessary.

Sunday will find me at New Inn meeting another prospective member.  We need them as a few older members may not be able to rejoin this year for health reasons.


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