28 December 2015

I doubt if  I really need to mention the biblical floods that have left so many homes and businesses stricken over the past 48 hours.  As most of you will have seen on the news bulletins the Ribble has been particularly affected although, surprisingly, up here the flood was less severe than that in early December. So far the visible damage done to the fishery seems minimal, but I’ll check the fences and stiles again tomorrow, particularly those below Horton.

What we don’t know is the extent of any detrimental impact on fish.  The trout are in the midst of spawning and the colossal spates of the past few weeks will no doubt have played merry hell with the gravel beds and kept most fish tucked into shelter.  Only time will tell whether any fish have spawned this year.

The Tarn remains full to the brim and I suppose that this is the silver lining on a very dark cloud.  The rate of Tarn water replenishment this winter will be very rapid and combined with the stirring effect of the frequent gales I am hopeful that we will go into he new season with the Tarn in spanking condition cleansed of nutrients that cause algae and filament weed to bloom in summer.

I do hope that all members have managed to keep above the floods and remain so for the as long as this deluge lasts.


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