14 December 2105

Not much has changed in the past week.  It remains very wet with frequent spates on the river and the Tarn is as high as I have ever seen it.  In fact when I was at the Tarn last Monday the water level was just lapping the bottom of the I beams supporting the lodge, a good foot above normal level.

I have moved on the occasional solitary cormorant although this particular bird, if the same one each time, seems to be a rather reluctant feeder spending most of its time staring morosely at the water.

The odd thing is that only one swan has been present now for a couple of months.  I’ve found no corpse and have seen a solitary swan down on the river so perhaps there has been a bit of a “domestic”.

We had a flush of snow over the weekend that coated the fells and thawed within a couple of hours and the first touch of frost yesterday

Oh for a decent cold, dry winter.


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