6 December 2015

Its been so wet here this past month that I have seriously thought about building an ark.  Yesterday just about put the cap on it.  It began raining on Friday afternoon and finally stopped at around 8.30 am today.  By yesterday afternoon the river was half way up the meadow opposite the house and the ford at Newhouses was well over the clapper bridge.

The flood is subsiding now, but its bound to have had some impact on both fish and the fishery.  Indeed, I heard last week that numbers of dead salmon and sea trout had been seen further down the Ribble.  How anything can survive in the torrent that was heading through Horton yesterday is beyond my understanding.  Only time will reveal the full extent of the impact of these severe floods on our wild brown trout.  My main concern is that our fish will be running to spawn right now.  Still, brown trout have been in this river longer than we have been around so whatever damage has been done it’s likely to be only a temporary setback.

I was stunned to find the Tarn webcam had sprung back to life this morning, but less happy to see a cormorant drying its wings on the rock by the cross wall.  Its going to get a shock in a short while as I’m now off to the Tarn.


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