27 August 2015

Those of you with access to the Tarn webcams will see this morning that the after a programme of political re-education the dummy has relinquished its far right inclinations.  The problem we now have is that it has taken on French nationality and is consequently in a permanent state of surrender.  I wonder if the cormorants will notice.

Council had a meeting here last evening at which much Association business was discussed.  The main outcome is to commence further work on managing and improving the fishery for the benefit of members and the resident trout.  All stiles between Helwith Bridge and Horton will be replaced and additional stiles erected to aid access.  A path will be cut through the rank growth along the bank below Penny Bridge and the fence around he wildlife area at the Tarn will be repaired where it enters the water.  This should stop the resident bovines from accessing the wildlife area.

Additionally the Association will be working with Neil handy the Ribble Rivers Trust and the Wild Trout Trust to progressively improve the river above Horton. The aim is to extend the excellent fishing that exists now below New Inn bridge to link up with the good fishing at Selside.  This will provide at least three additional miles of outstanding trout fishing.

The weed situation at the Tarn was considered and it was concluded that this was not such an interference to fishing as to merit significant action this season.  Weed growth will be closely monitored in the coming seasons and if it does become a real menace then action will be taken.

A lot of rain fell here last night so the river is once again in great form.


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