25 August 2015

I spent part of this morning performing acute abdominal surgery on the Tarn dummy as a consequence of either the weekend wind or the close attention of a bovine. The dummy is designed to swivel around spigot engaged with a collar in the base.  This had split causing the dummy to recline at a jaunty angle.  It’s now back in situ and showing strong far right sympathies with its right arm just off the vertical.

The installation has already caused a degree of local consternation as my neighbour’s son’s partner (a high dependency and intensive care nurse) mistook from a distance the  reclining figure for an angler in distress and rushed down to the Tarn to administer first aid.  It’s a bit of a challenge finding the pulse on a glass fibre shop dummy.

The river is now past its best, but fear not, rain is forecast for Thursday and Friday.  Just in time for the traditional Yorkshire wet bank holiday weekend.

I do hear that salmon have been seen (and almost caught) at Horton.



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