24 August 2015

I had the immense pleasure his morning of talking with the two northern conservation officers of the Wild Trout Trust.  We spent the best part of three hours looking at the river (in stonking condition) and discussing simple, cost effective ways to increase wild brown trout recruitment on the fishery.  They left me buzzing with ideas that will cost virtually nothing yet will have almost instant beneficial impact on trout habitat.

Other ideas will cost more and require significant planning, but should have dramatic impact on trout spawning and the dynamics of the river.  I now have an open invitation to keep in contact with them for advice and support in managing this extensive fishery.

We shall discuss all this at the next MAA Council meeting on Wednesday.

The real highlight of the morning was standing by one of the Newhouses weirs watching a very large wild brown trout busy gorging on riverfly.  This individual was so busy feeding its face that it failed to notice us even when it briefly left the water to take a fly just out of reach.  You really could not have planned it better.

As above the river is still in very good water, falling now and losing its colour so fishing tomorrow should still be good.


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