23 August 2015

A series of violent thunderstorms accompanied by torrential rain have hit us over the past 24 hours.  Consequently the river is in spate and the Tarn is brim full for the first time in months.

It was far too dangerous to do the monthly invert check today so I shall have to find an opportunity to get this done during the week.  Still, there seems to be no shortage of fly life on the river and the tarn is alive with sedge.

Keeping with the Tarn, Gavin has installed a static “angler” resplendent in hi viz orange.  The idea of this is to try to deter the cormorants from continuing their illicit fishing activities.  I do suspect that these avian predators are working to strict union rules as I haven’t seen a feather of them since Friday evening.  Clearly they do not work at weekends.  As a belt and braces measure I have left the scarer running.  I appreciate that the noise it emits is distracting when you are concentrating on persuading a trout to take a fly so do please call in if you would like to know how to disable the noise whilst you are at the Tarn.



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