21 August 2015

Rain has fallen almost continuously all afternoon and its been heavy.  The same conditions appear to be set in for the evening and night so expect the river to be in full spate in the morning.  At least it may discourage the cormorants from coming up to feed at the Tarn.

Apart from predation the birds are driving fish down deep and into the weed so fishing is becoming far from easy. I can only advise that members fish wet fly and fish deep well away from the cross wall.  We are attempting to discourage visits and you will shortly find a highly visible and rather permanent angler ensconced by the cross wall.  Whether this will have any impact on our unwelcome visitors remains to be seen.

I shall be stocking the Tarn for the final time this season next Saturday.  This will include a further 50 brown trout as well as the usual 100 rainbows.  My fear is that these fish, unaccustomed as they will be to open water, will be very vulnerable to predation.


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