20 August 2015

I have now finished with the national crayfish conference so can pick up the threads of the blog once again.

We have had a lot of rain in the past 48 hours and the river is presently in fantastic condition with trout rising on pools and runs that are well watered and fast flowing.  The weather is still showery so these conditions may persist for a couple of days.

Less good news is that the pterodactyls are back on the Tarn.  They have been fishing with impunity this last couple of days in my absence.  I have now turned back on the scarer and put this to full volume so Tarn fishers of a nervous disposition should be wary.  I also persuaded the resident cormorant (after some discussion) to depart and have not seen it since.  It will be back.  We are still in the process of seeking a more permanent solution to this predation problem and hope for some news shortly.

Whilst I worked at the Tarn this afternoon the water was alive with fly life and this prompted a host of rises from resident hungry trout.

The outboard has been replaced with the spare motor so those disinclined to exertion should find the boat more agreeable once again.


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