26 January 2015

Its been another cold and snowy week with much rain yesterday thats cleared  the snow from all but the deep fell gulleys.  Conditions here remain very trout friendly; low water temperatures, plenty of water and few spates.  Let’s hope this continues until eggs hatch next month.

One of the Tarn webcams has gone off line.  I’ll try rebooting it tomorrow, but suspect that a fix will have to await Neil’s attention.  So be patient.

We have a treat in store on BBC2 tomorrow (Tuesday).  At 9.00pm they are broadcasting “The Art of Fly Fishing: Kiss the Water” a lyrical film about the work of Megan Boyd who lived at Brora, tied magical flies and died in 2001 at the age of 86.  A film to thrill the heart of all fly fishers.


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