19 January 2015

Its been a cold and snowy week.  In some ways a blessed relief from the windy and wet weather we suffered over the Christmas break.  The present conditions are just right for spawning trout.  Plenty of clean, cold, well oxygenated water with few spates.  High hopes for lots of trout fry in February.

The long, drawn out saga of the Deighton purchase may well be coming to a close as we now have the draft transfer document for comment and approval.  With luck this final piece in the MAA’s ownership of the fishing rights above Helwith Bridge may be in place by the start of the new season.

It looks as though funding has been approved by the EA to carry out some extensive surveying of the fish population at the Tarn.  This will include sein netting and late season tagging of stock to determine the rate of overwintering.  I am awaiting a call to arrange a meeting so that Council may discuss and agree plans.

Keeping with the Tarn, I will invoke the new EA procedure tomorrow for consent to introduce fish to the Tarn.  This procedure came into effect today and means that I can now obtain a permanent licence to stock.


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