28 June 2009

I did the riverfly check at Turn Dub this morning and was rather pleasantly surprised by the amount of invertebrate life in a warm, low river.  I got good results for the usual seven families found at this site.  baetis were the most numerous followed by heptagenia.  Both sites on the monthly check are populated with large numbers of young bullhead and this creature seems to have had a very good breeding season.

Walking past the Tarn I stopped for some considerable while to watch the swarms of damsel flies on the water.  These are clearly popular with the trout as the fish were leaping clear of the water to take them.  Quite a feeding frenzy was taking place, the surface of the water was pitted with rises and broken by leaping fish all the way down to the duck wall.

The cygnets are still surviving and I was able to get a good close look at them today as they were hauled out on the bank dozing in the sun.  The cob was a little unsettled by my closeness to his family, but was not aggressive.  All three cygnets seem healthy and all are around the same size.  It's a bit too early to sex them, but my guess is that all three are female.  We shall see.

About an hour ago it clouded over and looked like rain was on the way.  No chance!  Its cleared up again and come hot and sunny.  The forecast is for showers, but these have been threatened all weekend without materialising.  Next week is likely to be intolerably hot so little prospect of improved water in the river just yet.


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