26 June 2009

News reaches me that the much heralded Pennine Bridle way and its bridge at Drain Mires that was due to start construction at the end of July will be delayed for a further year.  It seems that at the eleventh hour problems are still unresolved with a landowner on the route so we will have peace and quiet for a further year on this reach of the river.  Plans to build the bridge were far advanced and a start date of 29 July had been advertised and we had contractors visiting the site to submit tenders earlier in the year.  There would have been major disturbance around the site with access tracks being constructed and heavy plant and equipment operating around the river.  Much of this would inevitably have had to cross and recross the river during the construction of the bridge, but all that is now deferred for at least another year.

It's a dreadfully midgy morning, humid and overcast with only a very light breeze.  I have just come back in doors driven nearly insane by the swarms of wee beasties down in the garden.  Not a morning for clearing undergrowth unless I wish to spend the next few days nursing a rash of itching bumps.

The new crayfish posters that Paul B has devised and had designed are now ready and I shall put down loadable copies on the club website.  Poster one is designed to raise awareness of the risk to native species posed by signal crayfish and poster two gives information about our endangered native white clawed crayfish.  The aim of this initiative is to ratchet up public awareness of the need to prevent the further spread of signal crayfish and the vulnerability of one of our most fascinating fresh water crustaceans.


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