23 June 2009

It's been a very warm and humid day with occasional thundery showers.  Enough to be irritating, but not enough to have any effect on a depleted river.  A breeze has got up this afternoon which has helped to freshen things just a bit, but the sky is darkening and I suspect that we are in for some more serious precipitation this evening.

I know not how the draw down at Ling Ghyll went yesterday because I have not seen Paul B since he headed north first thing yesterday morning.  This draw down is the first since we had a moderate flood last week so it will be interesting to see how effective the dams are with a good volume of water going over.  Crayfish tend to get right down in the substrate of the beck in a flood so it's unlikely that any appreciable number have washed over into any of the catching ponds.

I understand that the trip to Uist was a great success and was remarkably midge free. Some fish were caught and an impromptu Council meeting was convened to censure one member for an affront to good taste and public decency by wearing obnoxious socks.  We need an account of this trip on the club website.


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