20 June 2009

The Crown was heaving last night with dogs and people all gathered for the annual Terrier and Stick show.  This year seems to have been a bumper event with more people present than I can remember in previous years.  Terriers are not the easiest of dogs to marshal to some semblance of order for judging and much of the evening resembled organised chaos.  By far the worst offenders were the Lakeland Terriers.  These feisty little dogs seemed more interested in fighting it out amongst themselves to see who emerged as top dog.  Much of the owners attention during these classes was concentrated on keeping their charges from murdering the dog next door rather than presenting their animal in the best conformation for judging.

The sticks are always stunning examples of their maker's art and one that particularly caught my eye had a horn handle carved and painted in the form of a rising brown trout.  A bit flash for every day use, but great for posing with! 

The rain kept off and an added bonus was the stiff cool breeze that discouraged the midges from their usual feeding frenzy at this event.  A couple of pints in the bar whilst putting Horton and the rest of the worlds problems to rights rounded off a great evening.  Even better was the sight of scores of rising fish just downstream from the Garden Pool (opposite the Crown car park).  Once again it was impossible to see what these fish were taking and judging by the size of the rise form these were mostly small fish, but it's yet another indication that our wild brownies are recruiting in sufficient numbers to make the fishery viable into the future.  We stood here for about half an hour just watching these fish feed.  Whatever they were taking was tiny and they completely ignored the occasional large terrestrial caught in the surface film that floated by.  My guess is that they were feeding on midge that had been blown onto the water by the stiff breeze.

It rained a bit overnight and is currently very mizzley so the river is still carrying decent water.  The breeze has dropped a bit and it feels warmer so fishing should be pretty good today.  Be warned though that Horton today resembles a refugee camp in a war zone as it's the annual Heart Foundation 3 Peaks sponsored walk this weekend and there are plastic coated bodies and tents everywhere, especially on the football field which is the start and finish point.  Parking anywhere in Horton today will be impossible.


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