19 June 2009

It's a blustery old day with a stiff westerly whipping across the valley keeping the temperature distinctly on the cool side and making casting a real challenge.

We had more rain in the night which has kept the river flowing moderately high.  Showers today will prolong decent water into the weekend so it would have been practicable to do a thorough invertebrate check tomorrow after all.  So be it.  You have to make plans and decisions based on best available info at the time and a bank side check tomorrow will provide all the main data we need about the health of the fishery.

It's been some time since I sampled the invertebrates down at the hatchery so I might give that a look later in the week.  After two years naturalising there should be plenty of invertebrate recruitment in the spawning channel.  This shallow, gravelly, well oxygenated water with plenty of cover should produce some interesting results.  It could also be just the place to trial a couple of small fly boards since the channel is never subject to severe flood.  Any eggs that are laid here can be easily transferred to more barren beats on the main river.


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