27 April 2014

After a couple of false starts the Tarn swans are now breeding.  I was up at the Tarn first thing and was delighted to see the pen securely ensconced on a nest in the reed bed.  This is a smaller edifice than the previous pair were wont to construct, but it’s a workman like job.  I could not see the number of eggs laid as the pen was fast asleep and the cob on high alert.  we shall see what success they have at hatching and rearing.

Last week was a very successful one for Tarn fishing with 30 fish caught by seven members.  Most went back so stock numbers remain high and a few fish have had an education.

I forgot to remind members last week that dogs are not permitted at the Tarn.  It’s clear from the muddy paw prints on the seat in the lodge that someone has forgotten this rule.  This is now all the more important as the cows (and the bull) went out from winter quarters this afternoon and will spend the summer on Tarn pasture.


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