26 April 2014

Another day of two halves – a very wet start followed by much clearer and brighter conditions this afternoon.  The rain has made a marginal difference to the river and for a few hours there may be some decent fishing on the deeper runs.  More rain is forecast over the next few days so the level may be maintained into the new week.

As predicted the village has been heaving with people all day either running or watching the fell race.  It’s the 60th event so numbers seem to have been greater than for a few years. My spies tell me that the winning time was two hours fifty-four minutes.  A little slow, but that would be due to wet conditions underfoot this morning. How the hell one runs a marathon distance with the addition of several thousand feet of ascent and descent in that time really beats me.  Perhaps we should enter a MAA team next year although I can’t see there being a rush of volunteers.


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