26 January 2014

Not a great deal of note happened last week.  The rain continues unabated and the fields round about are either under water or a spongy morass. Although the weather is a real pain making working outdoors unpleasant it does mean that the river has been in excellent water all winter and the fells at the top of the catchment are full to bursting which should keep the river in decent water well into the fishing season.

I’m keeping a watch out today for an escapee.  The hawk experience down at Settle misplaced a Steller’s sea eagle yesterday.  This bird is black and white, but has an 8ft wingspan so can’t be mistaken for a magpie.  Apparently it’s quite tame and answers to the name of Nikita.  I’m off up to the Tarn later just to check that it’s not illegally fishing (they feed on salmon so rainbow trout would probably be acceptable) although what the hell I do if it is I’m not sure.


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