5 January 2014

The weather is best not commented upon other than to say that the river is in great condition with constant high water and no damaging spates since Christmas.  It should not be long now before the trout and salmon eggs tucked away in he redds start hatching.  It’s then that we need spate free conditions so that the aelvins can thrive, become swim-up fry and disperse to the calmer river margins.

I now have consent from the EA to stock the Tarn with fertile mixed-sex fish so the fist stage in plans to experiment with brown trout breeding is in place.  Once the weather picks up in the spring we will move to the next stage which will involve placing a few tons of pea gravel down near the duck wall where here is a constant flow of water out of the Tarn.  Evidence at Malham suggests that brown trout there are spawning right at the tarn outflow so it will be interesting to see if our brownies do likewise if we give them something suitable to build redds.

Other than that the fishery is just ticking over waiting for 15 March.


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