25 January 2009

It's been a wet week and the river has been running bank full so no chance to do the January invertebrate check.  My plan is to do both sites tomorrow provided that we get no more rain today and the river drops to a level at which I can safely wade with the net.  I'm keen to get some data for winter months as none was collected last year due to my being laid up with a broken leg.  This is a crucial time of year for our wild brownies.  Having spawned at the end of the year they need to put on condition quickly to survive the spring spates and go into summer in good fettle.  A good food source is vital for them so I shall be looking for evidence that we have plenty of caddis and shrimp.

The hut is now insulated and lined ready to receive the laminate surface that will provide a bright, durable and easy care surface.  With luck this should be put up over the next week or so and we can then start on fitting out with seating cupboards and work tops.

The cormorants are back.  Only two so far, but this pair have been present most days this week and they are getting bolder, taking wing on my arrival, but merely circling the Tarn until I disappear into the hut when they cautiously return to the water.  I have yet to see them feeding, but they would not be present if not attracted by food.

The winter 2009 MAA Newsletter will shortly be winging its way to members letterboxes.  Do remember that this is published in August and January so if you have an article that you think will be of interest to others do please email it to me.

All the best


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