18 January 2009

It's not been a bad week and we even got some sun to brighten fell and dale, painting a little colour into a rather drab January.

I have now got about half way with lining the club hut and already it feels warmer with less draught and looks a great deal brighter.  The swans find all this work fascinating and come steaming up when I first arrive to see what's up.  Mind you, they soon get bored with carpentry and sail off to investigate life further down the Tarn.

It's a real pleasure working in the peace and tranquil surroundings at the Tarn.  Just the gentle slap of water against the hut legs, the bleat of sheep and the occasional argument amongst the duck population as some misdemeanour is scolded soundly and the perpetrator given what for.

At least I can work in the warm and dry.  Not so the local waller who is doing a grand job on the lane side wall running up the hill to the Tarn lay by.  He seems to have a job for life here unpicking the tumbled mass that the wall has become and reassembling the stones into a straight, level and tidy structure.  He works swiftly, but has many hundreds of yards to do.  Try as I might I can never get my walling to look as neat and tidy as a professional can achieve.  My walls stay up and do the job, but they often end up looking a little tatty and rather moth eaten.  Still, it's a therapeutic way of spending a few hours and you do get the satisfaction of something tangible at the end especially if the stones happen to fit right first time.  But it's a job I prefer to do in the warmth of summer rather than the hand numbing chill of a dark January afternoon so it's back up to the hut tomorrow.


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