30 August 2012

Sorry about the silence yesterday, but I was late back from working all day at Kendal and went straight out to celebrate Sheila’s birthday.

Apart from one very violent thunderstorm with associated heavy rain it was remarkably dry yesterday.  This was more than compensated for by very persistent rain overnight that deposited nearly two inches of water in the valley so the river was just off full spate this morning and carrying a significant colour.  Its been a fine dry day today so water levels are now falling fast and by tomorrow conditions will be good for trouting.  The forecast is for a more settled spell over the weekend and into next week so although the flood will have shifted a few salmon last night they will not move far up the fishery until the next high water.

Reports of the pursuit of salmon earlier in the week disclose a lack of success with greedy small trout trying to take salmon flies.  I gather that these were persistently knocked and a few takes made, but most fish were around the eight inch mark.

Watch out for further work next month on Gayle beck as the next phase of the improvement works takes place.  This will involve the planting of native trees to provide shade and cover and the placement of large woody debris to protect vulnerable banks and offer cover for juvenile and mature trout.  In a few years time this length of the fishery should offer some cracking sport and the habitat will be vastly improved.


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